4 Reasons People Can’t Stop Playing Pickleball in Southwest Florida

If you listen closely, in Southwest Florida you will hear the palm trees swaying in the breeze, the relaxing song of gentle waves from the Gulf of Mexico and the popping sounds of pickleballs bouncing off paddles throughout the area.

In February, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association released its 2023 participation report and announced that “pickleball continued to be America’s fastest-growing sport for the third year in a row.” And in Southwest Florida – pickleball has not only taken over the pastimes of residents and visitors alike, but it has also become the sport’s home for its championship. Here are four reasons why people can’t stop playing pickleball in Southwest Florida. 

Great Workout

Pickleball is a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong on an outdoor or indoor court. Played as singles or doubles, players can burn anywhere between 500-700 calories per hour, depending on playing style and intensity. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, pickleball offers a tremendous workout and a load of fun.

Perhaps the biggest draw to the sport is the workout associated with playing it. Whether for competitive accolades or for pleasure, there is no secret that you will experience a great workout when playing pickleball.

Accessible for All

Another reason why pickleball is so popular in Southwest Florida is that it is accessible for all players. Regardless of skill level, age, speed or mobility, pickleball can be played by virtually anyone. Whether it’s seniors playing at an open gym or college students playing on campus, pickleball has taken Southwest Florida by storm because of its accessibility.

Not only is it an easy game to learn, but in Southwest Florida it is quite easy to find a place to play. In fact, many communities, parks and even gymnasiums have converted space for public pickleball courts. And since all you need is a paddle, a ball and a partner, you can play virtually anytime you want.

Community Aspect

One more reason Floridians love pickleball is for the community aspect of the sport. As many people travel to the area for months at a time, they seek to make friends in a new place. The pickleball court has become an epicenter for making new friends and scheduling day-to-day meetups in their respective communities or neighborhoods. Since the sport can include 4 people at a time, you can meet friends, family and neighbors for a round of fun and a little bit of competition in a group dynamic.

Outdoor Lifestyle

It is no secret that people travel to the Sunshine State for the gorgeous year-round weather. Whether you’re enjoying the white-sand beaches on vacation or headed to the pickleball courts for a competition, you can do so any time of the year. Without the threat of snow or freezing temperatures in the winter months, many pickleball players make Southwest Florida their destination of choice for living an exciting outdoor lifestyle.

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