Promises. Kept.


Reputations that inspire confidence.

Buyers should rightly ask about the track record of the development team — architects, contractors, the financial partners and the developer itself. Are they experienced in the market? Are past clients pleased with the quality and durability of delivered residences and amenities? Have past projects held value or appreciated? Are the design teams, contractors and financial partners established, trusted and experienced? Can they weather fluctuations in the economy?

On all these fronts, the Infinity team welcomes — indeed encourages — this conversation, for this team has repeatedly delivered projects of similar scope and scale with exceptional success up and down the Gulf Coast. The reputation is for consistently delivering value without compromise.

The Ronto Group

Along the storied Gulf Coast, from tony Naples to trending Sarasota, are landmarks of grace and sophistication. Condominiums yes, but beyond this they are monuments to quality and commitment. All are exclusively residential, and specifically designed to satisfy full-time owners. For more than 50 years The Ronto Group has earned an enviable reputation for projects that make an immediate and lasting contribution to their communities. It is also relevant, given global weather patterns, that condominiums developed by The Ronto Group offer considerable peace of mind. The benefit to the future owners at Infinity is a richly experienced developer, one that is passionate about quality, and as true to their word as their craft.

Swedroe Architecture

Swedroe Architecture has been recognized as one of the Top Miami Architecture firms for over 45 years. The firm has designed and completed hundreds of architecture projects in Miami and around the world. From luxury high-rise condominiums, to elegant hotel-condominiums, each building is designed from the inside out to maximize overall building efficiency and utilization of space. As a result, its open, well-appointed, view-oriented, spectacular designs have consistently created enhanced value for both the property developer and the owners.

Wheelock Street Capital L.L.C.

Wheelock Street Capital L.L.C. is a private real estate investment firm founded in 2008 by Merrick R. Kleeman and Jonathan H. Paul, two veteran real estate private equity investors, each with over 30 years of broad real estate transaction experience across all major asset classes. Wheelock has assembled a premier investment and asset management team and produced a 10+ year track record of demonstrated and consistent outperformance over industry benchmarks.

Since inception, Wheelock has raised seven funds, representing over $4 billion in capital commitments and deployed over $5 billion in total value on behalf of well-known institutional investors. Its in-house expertise in hospitality, residential land, multifamily, industrial, office, and retail effectively provides an existing foundation for direct opportunistic and long-term value investing.

Construction L.L.C.

As an undisputed leader in the construction industry, BCBE Construction L.L.C. has successfully built and remodeled hundreds of exquisite custom buildings in South Florida and beyond. Its thorough knowledge, experience and complete understanding of Florida’s demanding construction conditions assure any project will be built to the highest of standards. It spares no effort making sure every facet of the project is completed flawlessly. BCBE prides itself on being a company with a proud heritage and solid reputation for integrity, quality and customer satisfaction. Further, BCBE offers customers peace of mind by being a financially solid and stable company.